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Sega today sent emails to beta applicants for Universe at War: Earth Assault informing them that they have been overwhelmed by the show of interest in the beta test but will be unable to begin today as they had previously planned. Read more after the break.

Dear Beta Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the Universe at War: Earth Assault™ beta test. Since the beta signups were first posted on July 23, we have received an overwhelming response from the community and fans. We're excited that so many of you want to help us playtest Universe at War and make it the best RTS possible.

We wanted to let you know that we are still processing all the beta applications and putting the finishing touches on the beta build that we will offer up for testing. Because we are still polishing the build and adding last minute updates, we will be unable to make the original August 17 start date for the beta. We're as disappointed as you must be, but we know that taking the extra time with the build will enable us to offer a better experience for all beta testers.

We apologize for the change in the start date, and now anticipate that the new start date for the beta test will be August 29. As a result, the original end date for signups has been extended into next week. By August 27, we will begin emailing the first wave of beta testers that have been selected for the Universe at War beta test. In the meantime, check out the official game site at for all updates, and good luck to all of you that have applied for the Universe at War beta.

The Universe at War: Earth Assault team

According to the FAQ
"...we are still polishing the beta test build. We're taking the extra time to make sure the beta is solid and ready for testing, as opposed to rushing it out. We're sure you're disappointed, and so are we, but we think the extra time will make a huge difference. So we are now adjusting the start date to August 29."
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