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assil_thara_ignore_close copyWhen Seth decides that he wants to be the new king of the gods, threatening Egyptian civilization, it comes to pass that a mortal will need to oppose him and save his people from a malevolent reign by Seth, god of the desert. Enter Assil, the hero of the previous games and his girlfriend Thara who have to stop Seth and win the Battle of the Gods.

That is basically the story of Ankh: Battle of the Gods, an upcoming 3D point-and-click style adventure game for the PC being developed by Deck 13 Interactive for Daedalic Entertainment. The game expands upon the already established license which includes Ankh: Curse of the Scarab King out for Nintendo DS and the original Ankh and the sequel Ankh: Heart of Osiris for PC.

assil_cool copy The game continues in the tongue-in-cheek style of its predecessors in the form of having to find a pair of handcuffs in the bedroom wardrobe (no explanation necessary) or trying to prove to Thor that you are a man even though you are wearing a 'skirt'.

What? Thor's not an Egyptian god you say? Well this is representative of one of the new settings that are in the new game. You find yourself in a Norse village with just a loincloth (BRR!) and have to befriend Thor in order to continue your quest.

This time the franchise takes us to all new locations, introduces 17 new characters and totals up to around 12 hours of gameplay. Also new in this title is the fact that you must control both Assil and Thara from the start and use them cooperatively to solve riddles where in previous titles you mainly just had Assil. But don't worry, the levels start easy enough so you can get a feel for the interface, which often requires you to combine items in your inventory to succeed.

thara_2 copy Armin Burger, Development Director from Deck 13 Interactive is very excited about the game which showed through during his presentation in which he tried to give me as much information as he could in the time allowed. "We have a hotspot indicator," said Armin as he pressed a key that illuminated all the items that could be interacted with on the screen. This should save players some of that aimlessly dragging the mouse around the screen looking for things to use that generally feels like a waste of time. Will this rule out hidden items and secret areas? We'll find out when a playable version gets here.

For now I can only say the game and the interface look good and it should be ready in time for its holiday season 2007 release in Germany. The rest of us will have to wait until some ink is laid down for distribution deals. I am personally looking forward to it after having gotten this sneak peek.

Anticipation Level: High

Title: Ankh: Battle of the Gods

Release: Holiday 2007 (Germany)

Developer/Publisher: Deck 13 Interactive,  Daedalic Entertainment

Platform: PC

Genre: Adventure 


 ankh_screen_apartment_assil_thara.jpg  ankh_luxor_screen02.png  ankh_luxor_screen01.png


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