Generation: Gamerz Halo 3 is Gooooooooooooooooold!

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Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Halo 3 had gone gold! Just in time for the 25th September release, the game, expected to crush sales records, is in manufacturing even as you read this.  And just in time, too.  With over 1 million pre-orders, Microsoft will need to produce over 37,000 discs a day JUST to make their deadline (allowing 1 day for shipping).

Microsoft is expecting to earn $155 million in the first 24 hours the game is available, which would break the box-office record of $151 million set by Spider-Man 3.  Do the math folks:  at $60 per game, that means they expect to sell nearly 2.6 million copies the first day (this includes the 1 million pre-orders).  They need to produce more than 1 disc per second, starting yesterday until the 24th, leaving them just enough time to rush the game to the stores.

Looks like the overtime train is rolling... 

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