Generation: Gamerz Shoot your Friends for Fun and Profit

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PC Gaming is going mercenary. Kwari is going to make sure that you take out your friends, your family and perfect strangers for fun and profit.  It is an upcoming first-person shooter (FPS) with a difference; players make money
off each other in real-time. The game will ultimately be free to
download online, but instead of being subscription-based it will use a
unique free-to-play/pay-to-play model whereby Kwari sells the player
ammunition in place of flat rate charges or monthly subscriptions.

They took a page out of my book where I said bullets should be $1 each, then people would be less likely to shoot at each other. Well of course this isn't really shooting each other but it is profiting from other people's misfortunes which is bad karma in real life but a great idea in an FPS. 

 The skill-based game has been built from the ground up around the
concept of money changing hands at a tremendously fast rate, and was
developed using some of the most advanced technology available to
ensure total financial infallibility fused with benchmark playability.

flies in the face of the social network gaming ethos, which hinges on
projecting an identity online, and for others to be able to interact or
engage with that online persona. Bring money into the equation,
however, and the rules have to change. Anonymity becomes necessary as
well as psychologically appealing to a point where Kwari is virtually
diametrically opposite to the core values of social networking.

changes everything,” said Eddie Gill, founder and creator of Kwari. “I
wanted to create something that had more of a buzz than a traditional
FPS. The concept of playing for money is not a new one. However, these
games tend to be an existing multiplayer game with a cash prize tagged
on the end, much like clan tournaments, which means only a minority
walk away with cash winnings – and usually a small amount at that.”

playing Kwari for cash set up an account, are matched on the basis of
skill, and enter a game at a pre-agreed stake level ranging from one
cent to one dollar a hit. During the four-round matches (3x 16-player
maps, 1x 64-player last man standing map called ‘The Killing Floor’)
every time a player hits another, money is decremented from the
target’s stake and added to the shooter’s. In a way, the player’s money
stake mirrors their in-game health, except it’s exchanged from one
player to another.

There are also jackpot prizes which require
keys to unlock. These jackpots are fed by self-inflicted damage
sustained by the players in all games being played globally. For
example, if a player jumps from the top of an arena or takes damage
from a hazard, their stake is decremented and this feeds into the
jackpots, which are then released hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and
quarterly - the latter are expected to pay out millions of dollars.
Most importantly; all money paid in to the game by players is won out
of the game by players.

Being a game of skill, how much money a
player can win depends partially on their in-game performance. So to
ensure a level playing field, all games are skill-matched so that only
players of equal ability are able to compete.

“This is an
inevitable evolution for online gaming,” commented Al King, Global
Marketing Director for Kwari. “Like most skill-based or competitive
games, once played at a professional level or where money is involved,
it’s unappealing to return to an amateur status.”

The game will
be available for download towards the end of the year. Until then, the
company has opened a sign-up website for the beta test program starting
next week at

So now we have all have a reason to invest in new gaming gear, the better to splatter your kinfolk with and soak them for some cash. Even at pennies a hit it could be dangerous. I especially like the jackpots but it's really going to hurt when you fall off something and land on your pocketbook.

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