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I had a chance to sit down and run through the Eye of Judgment (you can spell it judgement or judgment, Sony uses Judgment in this case), while at GC Leipzig and it is fairly cool. Now I have never really been a fan of Collectible Card Games (CCG) but this is something altogether different. The board consists of nine squares and your task is to control five of those nine to win. You do this by laying down cards with creatures on them to maintain control of the square. Sounds easy enough right?

Players have four ways to play The Eye of Judgment, single player against their PS3, against an opponent in two-player mode, against an opponent online, or letting the PS3 play out a round with the cards the player owns. The Eye of Judgment comes with a starter deck of 30 character and spell cards manufactured by Hasbro. Pre-constructed decks and booster packs, sold separately in stores, can be purchased to strategically build the perfect deck using the 110 unique cards available.

As I said, I am not a big fan of CCGs, I used to even call them RPG for the socially challenged because you didn't have to actually try to think like the characters. But this is more like the old Archon or wizard's chess where the cards come to life and fight. The exception is that there are different element types for each square in EoJ (earth, air, forest, water, etc) and that affects how well or poorly your creatures do. There are also specific directions of attack and defense. So you can attack a creature from the side and they will be weaker. Additionally they will have to turn to fight you or you can use a card to spin them around so they cannot attack you. The name of the game is strategy, but it is a multi-layered strategy that has not been seen in a CCG before. You must know your strengths and weaknesses but you must also know the board and the other card's abilities.

The camera sits on a stand over the battle mat and looks down on the action. When you take a coded card and place it on the board it recognizes it (I suspect by the specific writing on the top of the cards) and reacts accordingly summoning up the creatures on screen, casting the required magic, etc. 

Games seem to be able to last from a few minutes to upwards of 30 minutes depending on skill levels. I did not get a chance to look into the configurability of games but I think it would be crazy to make a game like this and not be able to do things like set a turn time limit, number of cards per game limit, etc. Really the only thing that should be static is the size of the battle ground and the goal. 


  •  A revolutionary new way to use the PS3 system, based on traditional trading card games and given a new dimension in 3D by next-generation technology.
  •  Developed in collaboration with Hasbro and its Wizards of the Coast subsidiary that produces MAGIC: THE GATHERING
  •  High Definition 3D animated characters and vehicles come to life seamlessly into the on camera view of your tabletop.
  •  The Eye of Judgment will be bundled with PlayStation Eye, 9 Fields mat, stand, a starter deck of 30 cards, and a booster pack of 8 cards. More than 100 different characters and spells will be offered via additional booster packs and pre-constructed decks, available at major retail chains.
  •  The Eye of Judgment is a socially engaging title that will appeal to gamers of all ages and abilities.

Screen Shots: Eye_of_Judgment__Leipzig_-PlayStation_3Screenshots12580ScreenShot001


Gameplay shots:  The Eye of Judgement demo girl again The Eye of Judgement demo girl

Anticipation Level: High
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, JAPAN Studio
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, JAPAN Studio
Platform: PS3
Genre: Trading Card/Battle
Players: Single-Player, two-player offline, two-player online, computer simulated battle
Launch Date: Fall 2007
Rating: “RP” for “Rating Pending”

In : PC

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