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This is the last of my GC Leipzig articles I think. I have been poring over my notes for days trying to get it all straight and organized for you and today I have saved some of the best for last. While at GC Leipzig I was in a presentation of Speedball 2 the highly anticipated futuristic sports remake of the Bitmap Brothers classic. When I arrived I was pleasantly shocked to see Mike Montgomery, creator of the original Speedball series and one of the founders of Bitmap brothers assisting in the presentation. There is a special surprise at the end talking about the future of the game.

I have so much information from that session that I do not even know where to begin. But I will attempt to put it into some semblance of coherence for you. First off the game will have 3 single player modes - Knockout, League and Championship - and two multiplayer modes head-to-head and co-op. 
(correction) In Tournament mode players battle against other teams in group matches,
semi finals and finals. The championship mode in the single player game
is equivalent a single player career or campaign, where players are
able to level-up their team members. In addition there are three classes of players in the game - man, woman and droid - each with their particular strengths and weakness. This will require you to strategically create your team to suit your style of play and to best your opponents. Each of them also has variable skill ranges so for example the droid and man can never match the agility of the woman who can upgrade it beyond their reach. 

The game will cater to Speedball  purists as well as control freaks. It has the original one-button mode as well as an advanced mode which allows for combos and multi-button attacks. The attacks combine moves like sliding and checking to tackle the opponent and get the ball. In addition you will be able to jump and throw at the same time as well as dive backwards and throw. Mike mentioned that only one developer is able to do the move speedball2_passing-system_encurrently and has been keeping it to himself. You can also jump OVER your opponents.

 When you throw the ball you will be able to control it essentially giving you things like curve-balls, sliders and the like as the ball approaches the target. There is an auto-passing feature that is dependent on the cone of vision of the player with the ball. Each of the three classes has different cones of vision so sometimes you must directly face the player you wish to pass to while at other times you might see them in your widened peripheral vision. The passing can be either a bullet-like direct pass or a lob. 

Scoring is simple, get the ball in the goal. But the stars are back from the original game as well. You can take the ball and ping it off the stars to score differing amounts of points. There are multipliers which will allow you to score more points in a shorter time and you even get points for mortally wounding an opponent. When an opposing player is so damaged they can no longer play a med-droid takes them off the field and you get points.

One of the ways Speedball2_Hi-Res_In-Game_05to do this is the electric ball where you can charge up the ball and throw it to an opposing player who is then shocked into submission. "There are no rules in Speedball," Mike Montgomery said, "simply score points and win."

Additionally there are pick-ups that will show up on the playing field. These will include things like adding or subtracting time to the game clock, team knockdown - which knocks down the entire opposing team, armor powerups and even a joystick reversal which does what it sounds like, reverses the controls of the opposing player.

There are four camera angles on the X axis and 4 on the Y axis allowing you a good deal of flexibility in viewing the action. A free-cam was used to show us the stadium in-depth but it will not be in the game though Mike did jokingly say "maybe as an Easter egg."

Game center will be the online component of the game and will be a community where each player will have a profile and clans will have their own space. You will be able to upload scoring videos there to show off your scoring prowess also. But the thing that really made me stop was the ability to create your own leagues and tournaments and then invite others to play or you can simply join in the regional and worldwide ladder games that will be available.

  One thing I reallggclogo-red-bladesy liked is that players will be able to upload clan
logos and slap them on their team. I already have The GGC clan logo
designed and ready to go for the game. Plus they said there will be a Mod pack coming that will allow you to create your own skins for your players which you can then use in the game and they will be automatically sent to other players when you play. Mike mentioned that in the future there will also be an arena-maker so everyone will be able to create their own arenas and then upload them and allow others to play in them.

Speedball2_Hi-Res_In-Game_02Finally, the game is being designed so that you can play with either the keyboard and mouse like any good FPSer would want but also with the gamepad/joystick players in mind because they want to bring the game to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in the next year or two. Ooops, that doesn't seem to have been mentioned in any of the press releases which show the game only coming for the PC. This was the word from Mike Montgomery's mouth. He said that the game center servers would not be ready for the Xbox 360 and PS3 for another couple years. So they may not be developing it for these platforms now but it sure seems like they have plans to do so in the future.

Here is the link to the gallery: Speedball2_Trailer_02

The game is slated for a PC release in Q3 of this year and from the look of the forums people may not be able to wait that long 

Did I mention we spoke about Chaos Engine also? 


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