Generation: Gamerz South Park Wins Emmy for WoW Episode

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I am sure that 100% of the people who read this site have seen South Park and that probably 90% have seen the World of Warcraft episode - Make Love Not Warcraft. Well, apparently a lot more people than that saw and appreciated the episode as it has received an Emmy Award, according to the winners list. As I am not in America I don't get to see this stuff, and generally would watch football on a Sunday evening instead anyway. The episode beat out a Simpsons, Avatar the Last Airbender, Robot Chicken and SpongeBob episode. You do know he lives in a pineapple under the sea right? 

Of course the episode only works to promote the stereotypes that gamers are fat, greasy, unwashed, and pimple faced anti-socialites. Fine, let the world think what they like. Honestly I don't care. It also eludes to the fact that many of us can't get dates and interact at times with people in real life. But as all stereotypes, it is simply a broad and usually inaccurate generalization and casts people in negative light. I could give you a whole list of things that are stereotypical and you would all have mostly negative images.  It's just the way the human mind works and generally is based, I think, on the fact that we fear what we do not understand. We do not like things that are different and so we make them non-threatening by making fun of them.

Ok that's all I have to say on all of that.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of South Park. I for one was entertained by the episode. 


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