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Jack TrettonUnreal Tournament 3 from Sony said at E3 that Unreal Tournament 3 would be PS3 exclusive and quickly added "this year." He forgot to mention that it is also coming out on the PC and so his statement should have been 'console exclusive.'

If you are a regular reader you know that I think console exclusivity deprives a great number of gamers the opportunity to play great games. But I can understand it from a marketing point of view. When your console sales suck you need a massive exclusive game to boost them. Too Bad UT3 is not that game for the PS3, but Bioshock is a good example on the Xbox 360 as everyone and their grandmother has given it 1000% and named it best game in the universe. But I thought that was Gears of War, because that's what they said less than a year ago. Typical journalism hype. Next week you will find out what CigDangle thinks about the game in depth when we publish his review.

But this is about Unreal Tournament 3 about which Epic's Mark Rein stated last week that there is "no guarantee"
Unreal Tournament 3 will make its November release on PC and PS3,
casting doubts as to whether the title will remain a PlayStation 3
console exclusive this year.

But this week he has been quoted as saying:

"The PS3 console exclusivity is not in doubt. We are shipping the
game on the PS3 well before the Xbox 360 version ships. That's the version we are working on right now. We do not have a date for the Xbox 360 version." -Mark Rein to

"Nothing has changed at this point," Rein said. "We're working toward a November release."

Well wait, exclusivity means it will only be available with specific limitations, in the gaming world generally a market or a platform and in this case a platform. But it's not really exclusive. No matter how you cut it Mark Rein just said the game is not exclusive since there will be an Xbox 360 version and we all knew this already. 

Chewie at E3 with Jack TrettonThe spin put on the whole thing by Sony's Jack Tretton has spun out of control. While he probably thought he was being clever, which is easy to do standing next to a Wookie, all he really did was make gamers realize that he's just lying to get more people to buy the [PS3] console. But with undeniably great games like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction, Heavenly Sword others like Lair which no matter what people say I think looks great, the PS3 has enough goodies in it's "MINE MINE ALL MINE"* horde of games. Why attempt to fool the gamers. We are some of the savviest consumers in the world. We know what we like and we know when you're lying about it. 

The fact of the matter is that Epic, Sony and a host of others are too busy worrying about beating each other to the punch of game/console exclusivity and less worried about getting good products to market. Mark Rein should not have to waste his type debunking rumors about whether or not the game will make its slated release date on a single platform because console exclusivity is in question. He should be doing it to inform gamers, the customers, the people who give him and his company money for the products they make, what we can expect and when we can expect it. I could care less if the hottest game of the year comes out exclusively on my high-tech toaster oven or not, I am not going to buy a new blender just because it has a game exclusive to it. I would just find an equally cool game that plays on the toaster oven. With the booming videogame industry there are ample games to play and I don't think I could possibly play them all if all I did was play games all day, which unfortunately is not the case.

So basically what I'm saying is shut up about console exclusivity and just get the damn consoles and games to market in the best possible shape you can. Marketing spin is just that and we all know it. We're tired of hearing it and having to waste our time talking about it when we would rather be playing games. Because that is what we do, we're gamers.

 * That's a Daffy Duck reference -Loonie Larry

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