Generation: Gamerz Square Enix Gives us Infinite Undiscovery

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 Square Enix, Inc., announced Infinite Undiscovery is the
newest fantasy RPG developed by tri-Ace Inc. for next-generation hardware. Players will be drawn into a
real-time world woven of countless threads where their choices will
spin untold discoveries. This title, combining the talents of both
Square Enix and tri-Ace, will be an unforgettable experience. The game is slated for release on and is part of the Japanese developers new commitment to the Xbox 360.

The actions taken by the player with each discovery will have a real-time impact on the world.

Situational Battles
will be confronted with a variety of dramatic “situational battles”
such as executing a daring escape while a gigantic ogre follows in hot
pursuit, or waging battle amidst towering tidal waves. The dynamic
environments change and respond in real-time to player commands,
creating an entirely new experience never before seen in the genre.

Seamless World and Real-time Action Combat, exploration, and other
actions all take place within the same environment, seamlessly shifting
between each game facet. Battles are carried out in real-time, bringing
the vibrant fighting sequences of the STAR OCEAN series out of the
traditional battle screen into a beautiful and lush environment.

The First screenshots

 Discovery_Impact03.jpg  Seamless_Realtime01.jpg
 InfiniteUndiscovery1_tif_jpgcopy.jpg  InfiniteUndiscovery2_tif_jpgcopy.jpg

Developer: tri-Ace Inc.
Publisher: Square Enix, Inc.
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: RPG
Ship Date: TBA

In : PC

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