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I have received data from Anita Frazier, Industry Analyst for Toys and Video Games at The NPD Group, on the Top 10 Best Selling games for 2007 (in the U.S.) as of the end of August. Some of the surprising things include the fact that no PS3 game is in the top ten and two PS2 games are.

There are some games with some massive staying power that will probably get bumped in the next month or two, New Super Mario Bros has been available for over a year and it still at number 9 while Zelda: Twilight Princess has been out for almost a year and will probably get bumped out next month by either Madden on one of the other platforms (probably PS2) or by Bioshock on the Xbox 360. That will make a trio of PS2 games in the top ten for the year if I am right.

Looking at the number one spot, with 4 million Wii moved now this year that means that every other Wii owner has Wii Play with the Wiimote easily making it the most prolific game of the year thus far. The driving force behind it is probably an economic one; it's cheaper to buy the game with the Wiimote than it is to just buy a Wiimote.

Finally, good old Guitar Hero 2 whose reign as the music game champion may finally come to an end later this year when Guitar Hero III and Rock Band take center stage to duke it out with hot licks for the king of the band games. Keep on rocking in the free world gamers!

 Top 10 Best Selling Games Y-T-D Jan-Aug 2007  
 Game  Rating  Release Date
 Rank  Number of Units
 Wii Play with Remote (Wii)  E - Everyone  Feb-07  1  2M
 Pokemon Diamond (NDS) E - Everyone  Apr-07  2  1.9M
 Pokemon Peark (NDS) E - Everyone  Apr-07  3  1.3M
Guitar Hero 2 w/guitar (PS2)  E - Everyone  Nov-06  4 1.3M 
God of War II (PS2)   M - Mature  Mar-07  5 1.1M 
Mario Party 8   E - Everyone  May-07  6 1.1M 
 Guitar Hero 2 w/guitar (X360) T- Teen Mar-07  7  1.1M
 Madden NFL 08 (X360)  E - Everyone  Aug-07  8 0.9M 
 New Super Maro Bros (NDS)  E - Everyone  May-06  9  0.8M
 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) T - Teen   Nov-06  10  0.7M


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