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Evolve has let loose pictures of the newest range of Evolve Wii replacement cases. So that means it's once again time to Pimp My Wii, or your Wii as the case may be. No case pun intended there actually. 

These are
a range of premium and uniquely designed cases for the Wii which offer
a variety of extra functions in comparison to the original OEM casing. There is a diverse
line-up of finishes in the range and each one looks just as intricately
designed and breath-taking as the next:

  • Abyss Blade (translucent dark blue finish)
  • Black Katana (shiny black finish)
  • Blue Boshido (light metallic blue finish)
  • Green Tanto (metallic green finish)
  • Pink Geisha (metallic pink finish)
  • Red Ronin (metallic red finish)
  • Silver Shuriken (silver chrome finish)
  • Stealth Assassin (translucent clear finish)

The Gallery: ewii_1

I don't know what the extra functions are, do they make coffee or kill bad guys? Well they might not be all that break-taking or intricate in design, but some of them are downright cool.  I am not about to crack open the case on my Wii just yet, but when I am ready maybe I will do it for one of these. Mine still has just over a year left on the warranty (thanks to the EU) and for the price I paid I don't think it's worth it just yet.


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