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Listen up parents and teens/tweens (not sure what you're between, maybe a rock and a hard place or something). Abandon Interactive Entertainment today announced an exclusive agreement with
Warner Music Group to market and distribute Freaky Creatures, one
of the world's first player-customized, cross-platform, multi-player
game universes for the tween demographic. Freaky Creatures comes
packaged with one of 10 collectible toys and an accompanying USB key,
which gives players access to download the game to their personal
computer and mobile devices.

Well crap, now I want one. Wait, does that make me a Tween? 

 As part of the agreement, WEA will
distribute Freaky Creatures products in the United States through
traditional game retail channels as well as online and mobile outlets.

"Freaky Creatures speaks directly to the 8-to-13
year-old tween audience in a new way and thanks to WEA's ability to
target non-traditional and digital retail channels, as well as their
enormous reach within traditional music distribution outlets, they can
better help us connect with this important target audience." said Jamie Ottilie, President and COO of Abandon Interactive

Scheduled to launch in
Spring 2008, the Freaky Creatures collectibles and game offer a
unique physical and digital gaming experience. The game puts
the gamer into a futuristic setting as a 'Freaky Creature Trainer.' To
succeed, the user must create, raise, train, and customize his or her 'Freaky Creatures' and compete in battles against other players. The
cross-platform game play allows players to access their creatures from
both their PC and mobile phone.

Wow it's like Pokemon! As usual when something crosses my desk that is aimed at children I volunteer CigDangle to take a look at it as he is the only parent on the team at the moment. 

The Freaky Creatures web site (
provides content introducing the gamers to this virtual universe. It is
designed to encourage social networking by allowing players to invite
friends to join and utilizes sign-up incentives to drive the growth of
the user community. With a wide variety of engaging content such as
customizable individual user and team pages, challenge boards, forums,
store and mini-games, players are encouraged to immerse themselves in
an imaginary world of galactic battles between good and evil.


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