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Sierra Entertainment has announced that their popular Empire Earth series is set to continue with the launch of Empire Earth III this November. As part of the launch pre-orders have begun and at select retailers you will be able to snap up a special unlockable unit in the game when you pre-order.

 The pre-order campaign kicks-off at select retailers across the US this week and features three exclusive unlockable units.

  • Machine
    (Far East Region, Future Epoch) - A genetically engineered
    soldier that launches a devastating, area-affect salvo of shells.
  • Persian Mercenary (Middle East Region, Ancient Epoch) - An ambidextrous warrior armed with a pair of lethal blades.
  • Urban Special Forces (West Region, Modern Epoch) - A highly disciplined, well-armed Urban Special Operations soldier.

 "Empire Earth III will be one of the most expansive
strategy games for the PC."said Al
Simone, senior vice president, Global Marketing for Sierra

 It had better after the success of the first two, this is probably the most-anticipated RTS release of the year and just in time for the upcoming hoildays. We'll be able to fry a turkey and take over a continent in the same day...That's JUICY!

But they didn't specify which retailers are in the promotion. So I did a little digging and wading through the neck deep Halo 3 advertisements to find some information for you. Amazon, Target, Circuit City and Best Buy have absolutely nothing on their websites. Gamestop however has the price listed at $49.99 and pre-ordering there gets you the bonus unit. They also have this to say:

In-store customers will receive a bonus box containing instructions on
how to redeem these units. Online customers will receive an email
containing instructions on how to redeem these units. Please provide a
valid email address when ordering. Supplies are limited.

Until the game is released you can check out the gallery: Empire Earth - Screenshot 08

The game is set to for release 6 November. I have emailed Sierra to get a complete list of participating retailers. 

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