Generation: Gamerz McFarlane Spawns Spartans

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OK I included this in the Xbox 360 area because it's really for Xbox and Halo lovers. Todd McFarlane, the master of all that is graphically and visually cool in the universe, seriously, you must apply to the god-like McFarlane to have something labelled as 'really freakin' cool' or the VisCool Police come and haul you away and toss your sorry butt into a black hole. Whoa, sorry I freaked out for a moment there. It must be the visual stimulation overload I am suffering from catching a glimpse of the Halo-inspired Series 1 Spartan Collection. I am not an Xbox fanboy but I did enjoy Halo and look forward to playing Halo 3 when I arrive stateside for the holidays. What? Oh yes I will shut up now. Please read on for some really freakin' cool pictures.

Get the drool rags out boys and girls because you will need them when you peruse what is the McFarlane Toys Halo 3 Spartan Series 1 Collection. I am already salivating at the mere thought of showing you the photos. 

 halo3s1_spartansoldier_photo_01_dp.jpg  halo3s1_spartansoldier_photo_02_dp.jpg
 halo3s1_spartansoldier_photo_03_dp.jpg  halo3s1_spartansoldier_photo_04_dp.jpg


 Click the pics for the full size version. You must!

 There are a host of things available from the King of Cool related to Halo 3 including wireless controllers, action figures and yes my friends, the Warthog and other vehicles. Unfortunately none of it will be available until March 2008 so don't bother putting any of it on your Christmas Lists this year. For more Halo 3 toys from McFarlane check out the website here

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