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Gabe Newell, the outspoken ruler of the gaming pipeline known as Valve recently had a massive interview with EDGE magazine. Now I could sensationalise the whole thing and focus on him blasting the PS3, again. But I have decided to go a different route, the high road if you will. See I found something that I thought was far more interesting in the articles. 

One of the major things I found interesting in the two-parter is the fact that he admits the Wii is a total blind-spot for them at the moment. Knowing there is a problem is generally the first step to solving it. So does it mean Valve will come to the Wii soon? Well maybe not soon but it will come I bet. Wii Ware anyone?

I like how he compared developing for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 as them being "just PCs with different controllers." He also admitted being wrong about something, in particular the DS and how it would do in the market and change the way games were played. Well OK so the DS hasn't changed much aside from the stock price of Nintendo and the mass-market appeal of handheld gaming, but some of the games on it are quite innovative when they take advantage of the touch screen properly. 

I also found this extremely fascinating:

GN: I’m far more
concerned about the fact that you can’t mod Steam – that worries me a
lot more than other companies doing digital distribution.

So what is in store for Steam? I am curious what he meant by 'can't mod Steam.' I think I will need to try to contact him.

Alright enough of my babbling go read the interview. I know I can't keep you here forever:

Gabe Newell's EDGE Magazine Interview Part 1

Gabe Newell's EDGE Magazine Interview Part 2  


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