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Video Game Rating Systems are designed to inform parents and purchasers about the type of content that a video game contains and the suitable audience for such a game. Several countries, like Japan and Germany, have their own systems while continents like North America and Australia (including New Zealand) and much of Europe have one for everyone. Considering that each culture has specific taboos, like Nazi symbolism in Germany which prohibited Return to Castle Wolfenstein from being sold, each region of the world must have a specific rating system.

So how do you know if a game is right for you or more importantly for children?

 As with all things, including this week's elections in America, your
best weapon is information. This week we aim to give you all the
information you need to make good and accurate judgements on your video
game purchasing for yourself and those on your shopping lists, children
and adults alike.

We will take an in-depth look at the ESRB rating system in North
America as well as the PEGI System that is in use across much of
Europe, CERO in Japan, USK in Germany and the OFLC in Australia and New

Additionally since it is Election week in America we have a special
article on the politicians and where they fall on the spectrum of
censorship versus self-policing from TurboGoat. So you will know which
politician thinks you are smart enough to manage your own lives and
which think you are incapable of knowing what is right and wrong for

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