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Entrance 02

Arriving around 9:30am, I first had to determine which exhibit hall housed the VGXPO.  Now don’t be confused; my difficulty did not arise from the small size of the event – on the contrary, it covered over 100,000 sq. feet of exhibit hall – but rather the enormous size of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The event was great.  It’s not Leipzig’s GC, but still had plenty to
see and do: informational sessions, gaming tournaments with prizes,
CosPlay costume contests, music concerts, movie screenings, and a live

Retro Arcade 02
In addition, there were a slew of freeplay retro arcade games to play. 
Some of my all time favorites were there, including Zaxxon, Star Wars,
and Road Blasters, which I played for at least 30 minutes.  My
girlfriend and expo-going companion, settled into a few games of
Q-bert, finishing sixth on the high score list.  It was a blast for a
gamer like me who grew up pumping quarters into these machines at the
local bowling alley, roller skating rink, and arcade.

Dell Extreme Gaming Tour was present with a huge semi-trailer and quite
a spread including a number ofCosplay Judges gaming tower and laptop versions of
their XPS series of computers.  In the trailer, Dell offered PCs
running the latest expansion for The Sims, Bon Voyage, and a demo for the highly
anticipated Crysis, which was
absolutely beautiful. 

 A CosPlay Costume contest was
held both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and was judged by a panel of
distinguished guests which included Tommy Tallarico, Amber “Athena Twin” Dalton, and The Smoke
I watched Saturday’s contest, which included the award winning female
Mario, and my favorite of the contest, the Portal Weighted Companion

Jack Thompson and N'Gai Croal
Saturday afternoon also including a screening of Spencer Halpin’s Moral
, followed by a debate featuring Jack Thompson, Lorne
, and moderated by
Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal.  The movie
itself garnered a crowd of over 200 including celebrities like Geoff Keighley, and received a well-deserved round
of applause at its conclusion.  The debate was exciting, although
belabored at times.  Regardless, I am very happy I was there to witness
the event, but more on the debate later.

While at the expo, I also got to see the upcoming PC-edition of Guitar
Hero III
, which is due out November 13th.  Playing exactly like the
console versions and using the Xbox 360 Explorer Guitar controller,
there is no reason for me to buy it, except that it is only a matter of
time until someone creates a mod for the game.   That may be reason

Rock Band 01 Speaking of Guitar Hero, the Rock Band tour made a stop in Philly as
well.  I, of course, took advantage of this fact, and played through
two songs, before I was asked to move on, as there was a never-ending
line to play the game.  While there, I also witnessed the stangest "band" ever, which included some videogame characters and a piece of singing fruit.

Panasonic was there to show off their latest wares, including their latest digital cameras, Toughbook laptops, and their new 103" Plasma Television.  If new stuff wasn't your thing, you could check out some of the vintage wares.  One booth had piles of old consoles and games for sale.  It was a nice piece of gaming nostalgia.

Subaru Gran Turismo 02
Nvidia also gave a demonstration on Saturday, which I was unable to attend.  Even Subaru had a pretty cool display.  In addition to a few of their vehicles like the WRX on display, they had a full-motion Subaru-themed Gran Turismo driving simulator,

VGXPO is growing, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.  I think it will be one of my regular expo trips.

To check out the entire photo gallery of the event, click on one of the thumbnails below.


Father and Son in the Wii Lounge Retro Arcade 10 Wii Lounge



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