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We all know I don't like Gamestop. When they release information showing they have increased sales numbers by 283% this year it really makes me not like them. We all know about their used game resale shenanigans and their baseless reasoning behind the used game prices. But with the advent of online game swapping I think they are losing ground there so much of the increase is coming from new game sales. Since they can't generally overcharge us so much I have no problem with them in this respect.

As such they are having a massive Black Friday event and I have the scoop for you.

I'll try to break it down by platform:


  • Buy a new PS2 (black or silver) and get a $30 Gift Card for GameStop. Prices: $129.99
  • $149.99 Singstar PS2 pack. White PS2 SingStar Pop and 2 microphones
  • Frontman Wireless Guitar $39.99 (save $20)
  • PS2 Cobra racing wheel $19.99 (save $20)
  • $10 off a bunch of games and some other stuff


  • $399.99 PS3 40GB with Spider-Man 3 Blu-Ray (qualifies for 5 free Blu-Ray movies)
  • $9.99 Blu-Ray remote control (save $10)


  • $10-15 off several PSP titles - COD: Hour of Victory, Full Auto 2, Mortal Kombat: Unchained, Tomb Raider Anniversary, Syphon filter: Logan's Shadow
  • $20 off Virtua Tennis from SEGA

Nintendo DS

  • Metallic Red/Black two-tones available
  • Metallic Pink with Nintendogs and Metallic Gold with Zelda Phantom Hourglass available. ($149.99)

Nintendo Wii

  • $10 off Rockstar Table Tennis

Xbox 360

  • 50% off a Power Kit ($9.99) or Drive FX Racing Wheel ($39.99)
  • $10-25 off select titles including F.E.A.R., History Channel Civil War



Overall not all that stupendous really. There was a lot of garbage in flyer about buying used consoles and such and getting some accessories with them but the prices on their used consoles is always strange so I didn't bother to include it. I mean $10 off an orignal model PSP, they call that an event? 



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