Generation: Gamerz Escape with your Mobile and LEGO

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Run, run for your life! The LEGOs are falling, the LEGOs are falling!

Electronic Arts today announced that action-puzzle game,
LEGO Escape for mobile will become available to download from
operators across Europe from 1st December 2007. LEGO fans and casual
puzzlers will enjoy the game’s added action as they race against the
clock to help the LEGO worker escape the factory where he’s trapped.

lego escape splash 176x208engTrue
to the LEGO brand and offering a twist on the falling block genre,
players must build, rather than break, a tower of LEGO bricks as they
fall from the sky. Whilst battling with flying robots that move bricks
and fire electrical charges, players must ensure their structure is
solid enough to prevent it from collapsing. Having to rebuild will
waste valuable time.

It is actually a cool concept. It's like a platformer but you have to have some Tetris-like skills.

‘The game’s vibrant design, challenging
nature and action element give it universal appeal,’ commented EA
Mobile Producer, James Dillon. ‘Players will find it completely
compelling as they go back to the roots of what LEGO play is all about
and build to their heart’s content.’

LEGO Escape
offers four
differently themed and colourful environments and ‘power-ups’ such as
jumping boots that can be collected to help the LEGO worker on his
quest. For more information visit


 lego escape 176x208_1  lego escape 176x208_2
 lego escape 176x208_3  lego escape 176x208_4
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