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 Bounty Bay Online the massive multiplayer online game about pirates and the high seas has become a free download this week as Berlin-based Frogster Interactive Pictures announced the switch. The game client – previously sold for 20 Pound Sterling or 30 Euros. It can be downloaded from the official website and it also includes a 10 days free trial period.

Bounty Bay 21-day trial!However, Generation: Gamerz readers can get a 21-day free trial thanks to a new deal we have made with them. You can click one of the banners on the pages or the image here and it will take you to our specific BBO page where you can sign up and get the three week trial. See you on the high seas you scurvy dogs!

The change to a “free client” business model is a way to improve BBO game-play by offering a slick, easy way to get into the game. Players who already bought the boxed version of the game will be compensated with a free month playing time.
Also starting today, the first free add-on for Bounty Bay Online called “Storm Island” is available. This add-on will be included in the content update applied automatically when the players log in. It contains a new tropical island close to the North American coast. There, evil creatures wait guarding precious treasures.
Features of BBO – Storm Island:
= A large new island full of dangers and adventures for the most courageous players
= Level cap has been raised from 100 to 120, giving players the possibility to improve their characters skills even further
= 21 additional special abilities for fishing, stamina, sewing, shipbuilding, foundry and more
=New quests and new dungeons, made especially for groups of adventurers
= New enemies, monsters, weapons, armour and extras
= Brand new gem system, which allows players to upgrade their weapon and armour. Now you can upgrade your favourite items to match the new requirements.

Bounty Bay Online puts gamers in the Age of Discovery, beginning in the early part of the 15th century. Gamers are able to build their own online destiny, whether they choose to be a merchant, adventurer, fisherman or pirate. Besides Europe, the continents of Africa, Asia and North America also wait to be explored by Bounty Bay players. More info:

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