Generation: Gamerz Wii Love Cockroaches?

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The UK website Register Hardware is passing along a theory first started by the Japanese language gaming site Barks  that the Wii console attracts Cockroaches.  The original theory from Barks claims that the Wii gives off an electrical frequency that attracts the roaches better than old pizza.

Register Hardware quotes one online report that says Cockroaches can't hear very well but the hair on their legs picks up vibrations and air movements.  However, the site contends that would not explain why other consoles or some other fan-cooled devices like floor-sitting desktop computers would not experience an infestation as well.

 I was first turned onto this information through the December 22nd, 2007 episode of NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. (listen to the segment-click on "Panel Round Two) The show's host Peter Sagal insisted that the information be taken with a grain of salt since no real scientific study has been done.  In considering the Wii roach motel theory Sagal made this deft observation, "Its impossible to say whether its that the Wii console is itself luring the roaches or whether its just that Wiis and roaches both tend to congregate in dorm rooms filled with half-eaten nachos".

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