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I guess I have to file this under "Political Suicide." Apparently Democrat Jon Erpenbach a Wisconsin state senator wants to implement a 1% video game tax to pay for the rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents. To me that implies he believes that video games create juvenile delinquents. His proposal is tied into another that is attempting to prevent the trying of 17-year-olds as adults in the state for some non-violent situations. Way to piggyback that one. This hits home for G:G as we are HQ'd in Wisconsin.

So because we play video games we should be extra-responsible for rehabilitating juvenile delinquents because Mr. Erpenbach believes that there is a link between gaming and minors. OK but he apparently also believes there is a link between crime and video games. Oddly enough I am wearing my ECA shirt today, a shirt which shows three game controllers and states "Contrary to popular belief, these do not make me a killer."

 "The idea being that this is kind of a kids/kids
thing," Erpenbach explained. "In other words, if we're going to do this for
kids maybe this would be a good way to go about it."

Maybe not. How about we fine the parents of the juvenile offenders and have them pay for the rehabilitation of the children they didn't take enough interest in and teach properly? I mean if you are looking for a strong tie to the problem that might be a better place to start than randomly choosing gamers.

Even more surprising is that I am on the side of a Republican in this battle as Wisconsin State Rep. Steve Nass believes that the two (video games and juvenile crime) are unrelated, just as I do.

From the sound of it, Erpenbach has no clue how to fund the rehabilitation program and so wildly lashed out at the one thing he believes to be the cause all the while turning a blind eye to what might be the actual cause, lackadaisical
parents. How about investigating the situation and if the parent is at fault have them pay for the rehabilitation program.

This strikes me as a publicity stunt. The general outcry is of violence
in video games leading to violence in reality. Yet Erpenbach says that
video games lead to non-violent crime. 

Erpenbach said, "It's the right thing
to do because not all 17-year-olds belong in the adult system when it
comes to non-violent offenses. ...If you treat certain situations in a
juvenile delinquent-type of a setting, as opposed to an adult setting,
chances are there's going to be less of a problem when the kid gets

Yes Mr. Erpenbach, and not all video game players belong in your rehabilitation system as a funding source. If you mistreat certain people, in this case gamers, you can be assured of a political backlash. We are no longer the minority Mr. Erpenbach, look around you and see just who is playing video games. We are on average, in our late twenties, we are university educated and we are voters. You sir might do well to rethink this and perhaps find a more relevant source of funding for your pet project.

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