Generation: Gamerz Head Tracking with Wiimote for 3D Experience and more

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Homebrew jumps at lightspeed! 

Johhny Chung Lee rules the world. Alright so maybe not but today he's my hero. I just watched his YouTube video where he makes head tracking possible with the Wiimote and it's quite cool. At first I was somewhat skeptical to say the least but after watching the video I think that this is ultra cool and could be the next big step in the evolution of the Wii. Johnny even provides you with code and instructions.

Johhny Chung Lee is working on some amazing things over at Carnegie Mellon University including Brain Computer Interfaces and a Haptic Pen (force feedback) for tablet PCs. It's all rather fascinating and you can read more about his research and such over at his site. But probably far more interesting to the gamers of the world are the Virtual Reality head tracking he did with the Wiimote and some other projects. Instead of me trying to explain it all to you, I'll just let the man himself do it in this video:


 But that's not all folks! Mr.Lee also has a way to track finger movement with the Wiimote


and he managed to turn the Wiimote into a Whiteboard:


 Is Johnny Chung Lee cool or what?

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