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Well the big news this week was of course CES. Unfortunately we weren't able to get there this year, but we're planning on it next year. We were just too busy watching the Packers take down the Seahawks after giving them a 14 point welcome gift...

Ok enough of that, let's get on to the Sunday Hot Ham and Rolls. Pour that coffee, wipe the sleep from your eyes and let's get a move on.

typeOne of the stories coming out of CES this week which I did actually manage to cover was the Nyko Wireless Nunchuk for the Wii. It must have really wow'ed the crowd as it won Best of CES for video games. I always thought the cord was too short on the nunchuk and that it would be nice not to have it dangling and tangling everything in its path. So soon we will be able to lose the cable and really get to flailing about with the Wii controllers. Of course if you are not a Wii owner of Nintendo fanboy this isn't news at all.

1Up reported about BD Live which essentially allows your Blu-Ray disc player to display some real-time information if you've got it plugged into the all-seeing Internet. It was demonstrated on Aliens vs. Predator with a mini-game on the disc called Aliens vs. Predator vs. You. By uploading a picture to Fox's site and throwing up a HUD over some of the film they managed to give the film an interactive facet. Of course I don't even have a Blu-Ray player and really, is THIS a selling point for the format? Well whatever, you can read more about the whole thing over at 1Up .

Maybe the biggest news, speaking of formats, was Warner Bros. going Blu-Ray only. This could start the house of cards to tumble for HD-DVD if other major studios start jumping on the BD exclusive bandwagon. Sony could come out a winner in this round of the format wars, good for Sony, bad for the world? We all know that the way the porn industry goes so does technology. Well if you didn't know it you do now. They have driven technology in the past with needs like streaming video and really, can you think of any other use of the multiple camera angle on DVD? I didn't think so. So is it the demise of HD? Microsoft did a flip-flop as CigDangle reported and recanted their "we'll do what the consumers want" which sounded like they would adapt to BD. It was an odd statement coming from the company that has NEVER seemed to care what the consumers want and is one of the major forces backing HD. Of course this week they said "oh no no, we didn't mean that, we just meant that er.....we were misquoted and er... we're firmly behind the HD-DVD format (for now...)." Sure this isn't really game related, but it is with the competing formats being incorporated into one console and available as an add-on in the other.

Meanwhile Engadget showed us that mint green isn't just for ice cream and housepaint anymore. Well actually Sony showed us and Engadget reported it. Japan will receive yet another color of PSP. Yep, you guessed it, mint green. I even stole this picture from them but it's small so go visit them and their story on it here. Actually it doesn't look so bad. It doesn't look edible but it would make me think constantly of ice cream. I wonder if they'll come out with a chocolate chip version of it?

What? I haven't said the words Rock Band in this post? Are you sure? I thought I said Rock Band  earlier in the article. No? Well OK then. Ion Audio showed off a somewhat realistic drum kit for, yes, you guessed again, Rock Band! Ion Audio have mastered taking analog and changing it to digital. Other products they have include iCue, the desktop DJ mixing station, uRecord to change almost anything and Tape2PC so you can easily take those old cassettes and save them as MP3s or other digital media. Since TechnoDad is in the middle of porting all his LPs to digital I am thinking he should get the uRecord or a USB turntable. OK back to Rock Band. So Ion Audio, who we know has the skills, has made their own Rock Band Drum Kit complete with cymbals! I can see this unit coming in around $100 and a bear to try to take over to your buddy's place to rock out but the coolness factor might outweigh both of those factors. You can read more about it over at Engadget again. They get all the cool stuff it seems.

So one final note. The survival horror game that survived the horror of restructuring is said to still be on track. Yes, Alone in the Dark should hit its expected release date according to a recent statement from Atari. TVG picked up a few lines from the eternally struggling game company that confirmed Alone in the Dark will hit the Easter release date (which was the second release date because the first was to be late last year) and have not in fact pushed it to September as has also been reported. So if the game survives the horrors of development we should properly be killing stuff around Easter time, I just hope that the things we kill in there aren't resurrected too...

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