Generation: Gamerz New Release List (US/EU) Week of 21 Jan 2008

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I forgot to post this yesterday so I am doing it today. Here are the week's new releases in the US (North America technically) and the EU.

First off North America because yesterday was release day

Title: Date: Platform:  
Pirates of the Burning Sea 21-Jan-2008 PC
Endless Ocean 21-Jan-2008 Wii
Advance Wars: Dark Conflict 21-Jan-2008 DS
Burnout Paradise 22-Jan-2008 PS3, X360
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 22-Jan-2008 DS
One Piece: Unlimited Adventure 22-Jan-2008 Wii
No More Heroes 22-Jan-2008 Wii
Kawasaki Jet Ski 22-Jan-2008 Wii

Not a very long list but some good titles there including No More Heroes, Mario & Sonic on the DS, Burnout Paradise and Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Now on to the EU releases for later in the week. Surprisingly they have more games than North America. Some of the games look quite good and are worth a look like Blacksite: Area 51, Universe at War: Earth Assault, Donkey Kong Jet Race and of course Burnout Paradise.

Title: Date: Platform:  
Pirates of the Burning Sea 22-Jan-2008 PC
Burnout Paradise 25-Jan-2008 PS3,X360
BlackSite: Area 51 25-Jan-2008 PS3
Universe at War: Earth Assault 25-Jan-2008 PC
PDC World Championship Darts 2008 25-Jan-2008 PC,PS2
Ferrari Challenge 25-Jan-2008 DS, Wii, PS3
Wild Arms 5 25-Jan-2008 PS2
Hamster Heroes 25-Jan-2008 Wii
Donkey Kong Jet Race 25-Jan-2008 Wii
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 25-Jan-2008 DS
Game Party 25-Jan-2008 Wii
Cruis'n 25-Jan-2008 Wii
Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus 25-Jan-2008 PC, PS2
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords 25-Jan-2008 PS2, Wii
Advance Wars: Dark Conflict 25-Jan-2008 DS
The Aly & AJ Adventure 25-Jan-2008 DS
Kawasaki Snow Mobiles 25-Jan-2008 Wii
Kawasaki Quad Bikes 25-Jan-2008 Wii
Classic British Motor Racing 25-Jan-2008 Wii
Kidz Sports Basketball 25-Jan-2008 Wii
Kidz Sports Ice Hockey 25-Jan-2008 Wii
Monster Trux: Offroad 25-Jan-2008 Wii
Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom 25-Jan-2008 Wii

So time to trade in those finished games, or swap them if you have a Goozex account.

EU Alert: The controversial Manhunt 2 is set for release next week, so keep an eye out for that.

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