Generation: Gamerz Two Things to Keep you Sane: Faith and a .45

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 An FPS from Denmark? That's interesting enough but when they say the game will be "an intense and atmospheric shooter, featuring a heavy focus on characters, co-operative gameplay, road movie
storytelling, and cinematic aesthetics," well then I'm really interested.

The game is in development at Deadline Games A/S, the Denmark-based independent game studio.

Faith and a .45 tells
the story of Luke and Ruby - two outlaw lovers destined to go down in
history. The duo battles an oppressive enemy force, led by a ruthless,
corrupt oilman who's out for their blood. Set in an original take on
the Great Depression, one of the darkest periods in US history, the
game is a gritty, cross-country epic - a road journey with guns, a dark
army of steel-plated vehicles, and armour-clad pyromaniacs.

A Danish company making a game set in the Depression Era America, well I've heard of crazier thing. There's no art available for the game yet and the platforms haven't been announced so it's a wait and see deal as always.

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