Generation: Gamerz The Apocalypse Begins in Bulgaria

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No this is not a prediction of the end of the world. It's a game announcement. Masthead Studios, an the innovative independent game development studio
based in Bulgaria, announced its debut MMO Earthrise, a
post-apocalyptic science fiction title slated to release in 2009.

the aftermath of a catastrophic third world war, Earth lies in ruin,
and mankind is all but extinct. In a small corner of the world a new
society has risen in the years following, populated mostly by the
clones of those stored in a massive DNA database compiled at the end of
the war. A corporate government has created a seemingly Utopian
civilization, but its heavy-handed control over society, its resources,
and even life itself has forced a substantial opposition. These rival
factions accuse the government of crimes against humanity in its
rampant willingness to abuse the cloning process to its own gain. It is
at this crossroads that players will find themselves: fight as a
champion of the new world order, or take up arms with Noir, the shadow
government sworn to overthrow the totalitarian rule.

has employed its own engine to craft the stunning graphics and
atmosphere in the game, as well as to handle its dynamic combat
mechanics. Explore the diverse and sprawling capital city of Sal Vitas
and surrounding unclaimed territories. Fight with advanced PvP
mechanics featuring customizable power armor, huge mechanized
exoskeletons, and an arsenal of weapons to control contested lands and
their resources. Influence the market-based economy by working for the
corporate world or trading on the black market, all based in immense
and highly customized crafting and offline play systems. ot_16Players will
shape the society in the beginning of a new mankind; or they will
create their own dystopia.

Further information, initial concept art, game lore and a growing community around Earthrise are now available at

Atanas Atanasov, CEO of Masthead Studios, claims the game will be highly innovative and will 'change the way we play sci-fi MMOs' for some reason I have serious doubts about the statement and chalk it up to simple marketing hyperbole. Then again, I have been known to be wrong in the past. Click the pic for the full size screenshot that really just looks like concept art to me. What? Skeptical? Yes, I am because I know the tricks of the trade. When I see some actual gameplay, then I'll be less so.

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