Generation: Gamerz Time to Get Your Fix of Speed(ball 2)

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You know you need it. You tried it once when you were young and now you can't get enough of it. It's in your blood and it won't go away. So go ahead, open up the box, take a deep breath and dive right in, to Speedball 2 - Tournament that is.

A singleplayer demo version of Speedball 2 – Tournament is now
available for download. Tigers vs. Brutal Deluxe: Who is going to kick
the opponent out of the arena? PC players choose one of the two tough
teams to play in single player knock-out mode against CPU opponents.
With two controllers plugged in to one computer, sports fans even jump
into 1-on-1 matches against human opponents.

The full retail
version is coming to stores soon. It features all 32 teams, team
editor, team management, the singleplayer modes knock-out, cup and
tournament as well as the full multiplayer mode via LAN and internet.
The demo package consists of a 440 MB zip file and can be downloaded

Go ahead, you know you want to...everyone is doing it. 

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