Generation: Gamerz Tuesday – US/EU New Releases Week of 19 Feb 2008

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Here are the new releases for the week of 18 Feb 2008. The big news is  

In the US:

Title: Date: Platform:
MX vs ATV Untamed 18-Feb-2008 Wii
The Club 19-Feb-2008 PC, PS3, X360
My Horse and Me 19-Feb-2008 PC
Dynasty Warriors 6 19-Feb-2008 PS3, X360, DS
FIFA Street 3 19-Feb-2008 X360, PS3
Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts 19-Feb-2008 DS
Command & Destroy 19-Feb-2008 DS
History Channel: Battle for the Pacific 19-Feb-2008 PS3
Baroque 19-Feb-2008 Wii, PS2
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney 19-Feb-2008 DS
Pimp my Ride 19-Feb-2008 Wii

Well The Club, Dynasty Warriors 6 and Apollo Justice make for a decent week considering it's mid-February

The EU:

Title: Date: Platform:
Unreal Tournament III 22-Feb-2008 PS3
Hard Rock Casino 22-Feb-2008 PSP
The Club 22-Feb-2008 PC
Samurai Warriors: KATANA 22-Feb-2008 Wii
Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash 22-Feb-2008 DS, PSP
TV Giant 22-Feb-2008 PC
Wild Arms 5 22-Feb-2008 PS2
Need for Speed ProStreet 22-Feb-2008 PSP
Jenga 22-Feb-2008 Wii
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity 22-Feb-2008 PS2, Wii
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 22-Feb-2008 Wii
FIFA Street 3 22-Feb-2008 X360, PS3
Bratz Super Babyz 22-Feb-2008 PC
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords 22-Feb-2008 PS2, Wii
Jumper 22-Feb-2008 Wii, PS2, X360
Iridium Runners 22-Feb-2008 PS2
FIFA Street 3 22-Feb-2008 DS
Imperium Romanum 22-Feb-2008 PC
Brain Challenge 22-Feb-2008 DS

UTIII is definitely leading the charge in Europe today and being bolstered by Godzilla Unleashed  and Need for Speed ProStreet

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