Generation: Gamerz Hit the Slopes with We Ski

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One of the first third-party titles to utilize the Wii Balance Board, We Ski sends gamers in search of fresh virtual powder.  The game, announced by Namco Bandai today, which also allows users to utilize the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, is set for a Spring 2008 release.

"We are thrilled to be the first publisher to offer a realistic and enjoyable skiing experience that can also support the new Wii Balance Board.  NAMCO BANDAI is working to entertain both casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts with a recreation of a beloved sport and pastime," said Todd Thorson, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.

We Ski allows up to four skiers to hit the slopes on more than a dozen runs "from the bunny slopes to the most challenging Black Diamonds".  The game incorporates use of Miis but also allows players to create a whole new avatar, with a slew of custom options including face, body types, skis, poles, goggles, and costumes, some of which must first be unlocked.  The game also includes numerous gameplay modes: ski school, freestyle skiing, moguls and slaloms, night skiing, photography and a few yet to be announced.

We Ski 04032008 01    We Ski 04032008 02
We Ski 04032008 03   We Ski 04032008 04
We Ski 04032008 05   We Ski 04032008 06
We Ski 04032008 07   We Ski 04032008 08
We Ski 04032008 09   We Ski 04032008 10

From any other company, I might scoff at such a title, but Namco Bandai is a proven company with a track record of some awesome games.  I'm curious to see where they take this title.


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