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Apparently Activision, Neversoft, and the rest of the Guitar Hero team have been feeling the pressure from Rock Band, specifically the pressure to release more downloadable content.  So I was happy when Activision announced today the release of the "Modern Metal
Track Pack".

The pack, released today and priced at $6.25 (or 500 MS Points) contains:

  • "Hole in the Earth" - Deftones
  • "Almost Easy" - Avenged Sevefold
  • "The Arsonist" - Thrice

Activision also announced free three song pack to be released mid-March.  Obviously to coincide with St. Patrick's Day, the pack will contain tracks from Dropkick Murphys, including:

  • "Famous for Nothing"
  • "(F)lannigan's Ball"
  • "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya,"

I know personally, I have a Rock Band catalog of over 100 songs, and this is what keeps me playing.  I love the drums of Rock Band, but often I just sit down and grab a guitar.  If there was something new to play, I'd be more inclined to pick up my Guitar Hero controller.  It is for that reason, I'm happy to see Activision picking up the pace with releases.


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