Generation: Gamerz Slice into the Orange Box

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Valve announced they will split up the Orange Box into smaller wedges and begin providing the games in it separately.

retail launch dates for the stand-alone, PC versions of Team Fortress
2, Portal,
and the Half-Life 2: Episode Pack are April 9th in North
America and April 11th around the globe.

  • Portal - the unique single player game that mixes puzzle, adventure and
    first-person action - is expected to retail for approximately $19.99.
    Portal has been named Game of the Year by over 30 publications
    worldwide and earned 40 more awards for special achievements in game
    design, writing, and music ("Still Alive" by GLaDOS and Jonathon
  • Team Fortress 2 (TF2), the sequel to the game that put team-based,
    multiplayer gaming on the map, is expected to retail for approximately
    $29.99. TF2 has been named Multiplayer Game of the Year by,
    PC Gamer magazine, and other leading media outlets. This retail
    version, like all PC versions of TF2, includes the recently released
    Badlands map and the ability to receive auto updates via Steam
    including the upcoming release of Goldrush, a new gameplay mode and map
    that combines the escort style gameplay of Hunted with the timed attack
    and defend gameplay of Dustbowl.

  • The Half-Life 2 Episode Pack
    - which includes both of the award winning
    new episodes for the highest rated and best selling first-person action
    franchise of all time, plus Half-Life 2 Deathmatch for online play - is
    expected to retail for just $29.99. As was the case with The Orange
    customers who already own one of these titles will have the
    ability to conveniently "gift" the game via Steam to a friend.

"Given the unique nature and length of the games inside The Orange Box,
the compilation approach was the right vehicle for the debut of these
titles at retail," said Doug Lombardi, vice president of marketing at
Valve. "With the flexibility of having different pricing and packaging
options via Steam, we were able to test the market viability of the
individual products. The results show an overwhelming demand for these
stand-alone offerings as well as The Orange Box. This gives us
tremendous confidence as we bring gamers more ways to get these titles
at retail."

All three packages include support for Steamworks achievements,
automatic updates and more, and do not require Half-Life 2 to play.

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