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Based on the world in the popular TV series Dragon Hunters and full feature CG animated movie of the same name, this Nintendo DS title is due to flare into stores world wide next month.  

Following the two hunters (Lian-Chu and Gwizdo) and their trusty friend Hector requires you to overcome enemies, puzzles, and platform challenges by making good use of the special skills of each character.

Dragon Hunters 01       Dragon Hunters 02

Gravity will not always do what you expect during this game.  Certain levels will require that you twist and turn across the ceiling and walls in order to solve the puzzles presented to you.  Secret areas also become accessible when you modify gravity.

Dragon Hunters 03      Dragon Hunters 04
Dragon Hunters 05   Dragon Hunters 06

Beware though; Dragon Hunters comes complete with dragons to hunt.  These massive bosses will increase the difficulty of the game in the form of engaging 3D dual screen battles.  Multiplayer mini games await to draw you and your friends into heated action and hopefully include the same type of challenges that the rest of the game does.

Dragon Hunters 07      Dragon Hunters 08

Dragon Hunters pulls new elements into the platform/action genre, and its publisher Playlogic International hopes it will be appealing not only to existing fans of the series and movie, but to gamers new to this world as well.


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