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This hit title is making its way from the PlayStation all the way to your phone.

Well, that is if you have Verizon Wireless, as this is an exclusive to their company.  Verizon Wireless subscribers with the Get It Now feature, available on over 20 phones, will be able to download and purchase Metal Gear Solid Mobile (MGSM).

MGSM introduces 3D art displays and excellent camera angles that are new to the mobile gaming world.  Players are able to move the viewpoint from first to third person and take control of a slew of weapons.   Even more impressive is the ability to take a picture on your camera enabled phone and add in your own captured photos to the camouflage in the game.

Metal Gear Solid Mobile lacks none of the power of the series as it has been designed by the same team responsible for the console games.  However it brings original game play to the mobile phone and a new story.  Expect the same infiltration and espionage that has been accustomed to be seen in series.


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