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A new musical rhythm game, Zubo, has been announced specifically for ages 7-11, so that all the parents of future rock stars can get the ball rolling a little sooner.

Zubo ArtworkI present to you and your children, the rhythmic world of Zubalon which is filled with an extravagant wonderful experience.  There they shall meet and befrind the lively creatures called Zubos.  With the help of your child, the Zubos shall be able to defeat the force bent on taking over Zubalon.

The crucial element to the harmony of Zubalon is its music.  In fact, their currency is the musical notes themselves.  Even the plant life of Zubalon will sing in tune.  Using the stylus of the Nintendo DS, your child will have to sync the action with the music in order to win battles against the enemy Zombos. ( I suspect they sing off-key.)

With a multitude of interactive mini-games and the entire world of Zubalon waiting to be discovered, your child should be entertained for some time.  Once they've completed the game, we can only hope that your child's skills of music and beat will be honed enough that you can add them to your Rock Band group.  But first you have to wait Zubo to appear on Nintendo DS until later this year. 

I guess there are always music lessons...


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