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I am not really certain how Penny Arcade got invovled in this, maybe they're attempting to expand their operations. After all they already have their own charity and gaming conference as well as their own video game. Maybe it's a logical expansion of their business and I just don't see it or maybe i'm just jealous. 

Hothead Games and Penny Arcade today announced the Greenhouse, a new
distribution platform dedicated to supporting independent game
development worldwide. Operated by the newly-formed company Greenhouse
Interactive, the Greenhouse digital distribution platform will offer
gamers a convenient alternative to traditional boxed games and showcase
a careful selection of games that otherwise may be overlooked in a
crowded retail marketplace. Built to supplement other online game
delivery platforms, Greenhouse provides a content delivery method
focused on independent developers, helping indie games and gamers come

"There are so many great games out there that you
don't hear about," explained Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade. "They're too
niche or too risky in terms of game play for the top publishers to be
comfortable with distributing. We want the Greenhouse to be an
alternative for these developers."

As of today, Greenhouse Interactive offices in Vancouver are open, with the Greenhouse beta available at
Greenhouse's first game launch will be Penny Arcade Adventures: On the
Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One
- another shared project
of the two companies. "Digital distribution opens so many doors for
independent game development, arguably just like the VCR and DVD
players did for indie films," said Vlad Ceraldi of Hothead Games. "We
believe in the Greenhouse as an opportunity to support other indie
developers and complement the platforms and services currently out
there, ensuring that the environment for such development firmly takes
root and continues to grow."

Ok so I have some questions like who will do the careful selecting? Will a game be denied simply because it's not risky enough? That sounds sort of hypocritical to me. Why not just flat out make an indie game distribution system and leave it at that instead of picking and choosing the games by hand. And do we really need another games distribution system? Well I suppose one for the risky games and one for the regular games... So we can expect someone to come up with a purely indie game delivery platform any day now.

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