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This came from Sony Europe but doesn't specify who exactly gets the new store this time round. It could be PAL territories, the whole world or just Europe. We're not sure. 

On 15th April, the new look PlayStation Store, the online content
store on PlayStation Network launches; bring with it improved
navigation, more functionality and a whole raft of new content.

revamp comes in response to a survey last year which showed that many
PlayStation Store users wanted a better interface and easier
navigation. The new design will deliver a hugely improved navigation
system, much greater scope for categorisation and a dynamic new user

To accompany the launch, the PlayStation Store will
see an exciting selection of content available from 17th April,
consisting of the launch of the Metal Gear Online Premiere Beta,
building up to the launch of the next chapter in one of PlayStation’s
most loved franchises, Metal gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots. Also
available will be Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror, a great new
addition to the hugely popular Warhawk experience and Lair: Diabolical
Dragons Pack
and Skyguard Upgrade pack, offering new and exciting
features and functions. There will also be a collection of trailers
including the latest for GTA IV, as well as a Sega Superstars tennis

The PlayStation Store revamp will not affect PlayStation Network accounts or the virtual wallet system.

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