Generation: Gamerz Strong Bad Tells You How It Is

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It would have been nice if TellTale Games told us how it is. Instead they just dropped some screenshots and a trailer for the upcoming PC and Wiiware title Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People or as Strong Bad himself said SBCG4AP!

Anyway, there's pretty much no info about gameplay and the like. Here's the video and the screens. If you're not in the cult of Strong Bad or Homestar Runner then this will be totally new to you. If you are might look into one of those guys who deprograms brainwashed people.


Here's a gameplay trailer as well:


The Screens:

 Strong Bad - Cool People 2  Strong Bad - Cool People 3
 Strong Bad - Cool People 4  Strong Bad - Cool People 5
 Strong Bad - Cool People 6  



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