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DigiPark's StoneAge2 has been acquired by Aeria Games who is set to release this casual MMORPG in North America.

 What has been described as a prehistoric MMORPG, StoneAge2 actually centers around a pet based system.  It just so happens that these pets will actually be dinosaurs.  Each player will be able to have up to 5 pets.  The pet artificial intelligence system allows you to teach, scold and mold your pets’ behavior whatever you desire.  If you have trained your pets enough, why not take them out for a fight? 

The tournament system is held in an arena and prizes are available for those who place in the top spots.  Eventually players themselves will be able to host tournaments once the guild system is setup.  Take your pet to a nice visit to the neighbor's den or even have them come over to yours.  The dens are where your pets live and you will even have a chance to decorate it. 

However, your pet may not like that pink plaid decor, which you think is lovely, and throw the offending items out of its sight.  You will be able to witness this disturbance in your decorating force via a video diary that records everything non-stop.  It is because of this camera that you can check in on your beloved reptile via almost any internet capable device.  Even more cameras are scattered throughout the world allowing a peak inside the digital world from our own.  It takes voyeurism to a new level as even people not involved in the game can view everything as well.  If that isn't enough, your pet can intrude on  your life via use of a cell phone diary message.  No word yet on when it is out or even what anything looks like, but guaranteed that StoneAge2 will be something to keep an eye on.

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