Generation: Gamerz Video Games Go Analog

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No, we are not talking about what type of controllers they use but the fact that a couple are set to be released on a media you would not have thought about.

In a stunning move, DC Comics has announced plans with both Epic Games and Sierra Entertainment to produce comic books based on their successful video games; Gears of War and Prototype, respectively. 

I can merely only offer you words from DC Comics themselves about this bold move.

Regarding Gears of War, DC's Wildstorm VP Hank Kanalz states “Big guns and monsters — what a perfect comic book for WildStorm! ... Epic sets the bar very high, in graphics, story, and gameplay — and expect no less from our series, starting with our lead-in arc that fills in the gaps between the first game and the upcoming sequel."

Frank also talks about Prototype, “PROTOTYPE’s back-story, visuals and gameplay are stunning, and we have every intention of bringing those core pillars to our book because this is a great opportunity to expand on the world they’ve created, and build something new and interesting for comic book fans.”

Surely this will bring more back stories and side stories to these stunning games and really create an extensive in depth world for gamers and comic book fans both to enjoy.

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