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The first Mafia title didn't impress me much.  I really wanted to like it; I've always been a fan of Mafia and mobster films.

(Part of my interest arises from my family name; those Midwestern readers old enough to remember, will understand.)  Sadly though, the game came off like a less-than mediocre GTA clone.

Looking at the screenshots for Mafia II though, I have high hopes that the new title will have the style and particularly the personality the first game was lacking.  2K Games will be publishing the game for the PC, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Mafia II 20080425 - 01       Mafia II 20080425 - 02
Mafia II 20080425 - 03   Mafia II 20080425 - 04

Mafia II 20080425 - 05


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