Generation: Gamerz Felix the Devil Returns to your Mobile

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Felix, that little red mobile phone devil is returning. Inlogic, out of Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic, announced Felix the Devil 2 for mobiles. Actually I was in Banska Bystrica last year when I was hiking in the Nizke Tatry mountains.

My friends to the near east have sent me on some further information about the game to pass along to you. Pardon their English, I've corrected most of it.

Inlogic software, s.r.o. brings the second part of its successful game
Felix the Devil, which is now situated in a faraway pirate island. The
game is not only newly prepared, renewed, with a newly developed story, but it
is available for an even bigger number of mobile phones.

“We have
gladly continued with the game about the kind-hearted Felix the Devil.
We wanted to push it somewhere further, because some time has passed
since the first part. At present, it is one of the best felix2_176x208_1games in our
portfolio”, says Jan Kalafut, the Head of Business of Inlogic Software
s.r.o. “It is easy to play, with nice graphics and many levels and
sublevels, various nooks and much more. We hope that a player will have
lots of fun with the game. Even we had lots of fun when we were
developing this game. We were very particular about it,” adds Peter
Brezovan, the company CTO.

Far and away, in the times of
glorious naval voyages and discoveries, Felix the Devil meets the
dangerous master of hells – Lucifer again. The king of devils remembers
Felix very well and he recalls how he had recently outsmarted him when
he escaped from his prison. He is angry that Felix does not suffer for
the good deeds that he committed in the past.

Lucifer puts Felix
into another prison, this time on an island known as the Island of
Horror, unknown to anybody else but pirates! He has locked him
underground of the Tripolis fortress, which pirates have abandoned.
Help him escape!

Check out the screenshots as well:


felix2_176x208_2 felix2_176x208_3  felix2_176x208_4
 felix2_176x208_5  felix2_176x208_6  felix2_176x208_7
 felix2_176x208_8    felix2_176x208_9



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