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That bedeviled, tormented, at times idiotic orange clad ninja is back. Yes, Naruto is returning to the Nintendo DS. 

 TOMY Corporation and D3 today announced NARUTO: Path of
the Ninja 2
for the Nintendo DS. Everyone’s favorite orange-clad
ninja returns to the role-playing genre with Path of the Ninja 2,
featuring an all-new original storyline, a huge roster of playable
characters, an improved combat system and for the first time, exciting
Wi-Fi battles. Based on VIZ Media’s hit animated TV series NARUTO, NARUTO: Path of
the Ninja 2
is scheduled to hit stores in September

NARUTO: Path of
the Ninja 2 
is set
to give players a portable outlet for their inner ninja this fall. A
deep, original storyline will allow players to access 30 major
characters from the series, from standards such as Naruto and Sakura to
unlikely allies like the weapons-based Tenten. The improved and
intuitive battle system will make it easy for even the newest fighters
to get into the combat, using the DS Touch Screen to unleash
devastating melee and jutsu attacks on any opponent foolish enough to
get in their way. The new Squad Leader and Ninja Tag systems provide
even more squad-building options, while the Wi-Fi multiplayer feature
offers aspiring ninja the chance to take on challengers from around the

Here are some quick screens:

Naruto PofN2 06  Naruto PofN2 08
 Naruto PofN2 12  Naruto PofN2 26
 Naruto PofN2 29  


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