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Deco Online, the latest 3D free-to-play MMORPG from Joymax, is now in open beta and things are looking up. Check out the info.

 Joymax has announced that the open beta
for Deco Online, the new free-to-play casual massively multiplayer
online role-playing game, has begun. After a highly successful closed
beta phase, Deco Online is now available to any adventurer who wants to
jump into the fantasy world of Millena and Rain, two warring nations
that pit steel against sorcery. Players are invited to log in and
become an expert in swordsmanship, archery or wizardry while mastering
the engaging combo attack system to defend their nation from monsters
and invaders.

Deco Online features include:
• Vibrant 3D graphics
• Hundreds of skills and exciting quests
• Two distinct races and a unique character advancement system
• Combo attacks that that emphasizes player skill more than traditional MMORPG combat systems
• Step-by-step NPC tutorials and guides to help players get into the game right away
• Character attire customization options
• A huge and varied selection of armor, shield, weapon, gear, and accessory types

About Deco Online
Deco Online is a 3D, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that
puts players of all ages deep into the fantastic story of two warring
nations. As a legendary swordsman, a fierce archer, or a master of
wizardry, players will constantly be challenged by the opposing nation
and by monsters that lurk around every corner. Deco Online is
free-to-play and offers a combo system with hundreds of potential
skills, combining both arcade and classic MMORPG gameplay.
More information about Deco Online is available at

I checked into the game a little and it looks cool, but Stypica and I had a discussion about the saturation point of the MMORPG market. I predicted it would be when there were 10 players per MMORPG... 

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