Generation: Gamerz Mac Mans Battlestations!

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Er, I know this is going into the PC area but we don't have a Mac area at present. I'll be sure to work on that since it seems like there's going to be a big gaming push on the Mac platforms in the near future with Apple leading the charge. 

Feral Interactive has announced Friday, June 27th as the release
date for Battlestations: Midway, Eidos’ top-rated action strategy game
for the Mac.

Created by Eidos Studios Hungary, the game invites
you to take command of the greatest battles of the war in the Pacific.
Players will experience every aspect of combat in a superb blend of
action and strategy as they lead a host of US and Allied air, sea and
underwater units through intense, action-packed missions in hotspots
from Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Midway itself.

offers a compelling experience,” said Feral Interactive’s David
Stephen. “It’s an unusual mix of action and strategy with a
sophisticated multiplayer mode, and we are confident that the Mac
audience will find it an excitingly different take on World War II

"We are delighted to have Feral bring Battlestations:
to the Mac platform," said Trevor Burrows, Brand Manager, Eidos.
"It's a game that delivers a new type of game play experience, and one
that deserves to be seen and played by as wide an audience as possible."

game will retail in the U.S. for $49.95, £29.99 (inc VAT) in the UK and
39.95 Euros throughout Europe. It is currently available for pre-orders
from Feral's online store (
Minimum system requirements call for a 1.83GHz Intel-based Mac, 512MB RAM, 128MB graphics card and Mac OS X v10.4 or later.

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