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All of you who have been eagerly awaiting the release of  Bioshock on the PS3 can release a collective breath. It's not a joke, a hoax or a scam...and here's more info on it.

  The PS3 version of Bioshock will be released in October 2008 with new
features and content that heighten the award-winning experience.

BioShock is a narrative-driven action
experience that allows players to do the impossible as they journey
through an amazing, immersive and terrifying world. Caught between
powerful forces and hunted down by genetically mutated citizens, the
player will come to grips with the mysterious and fascinating world of
Rapture, a distinct Art Deco underwater utopia gone mad. BioShock not
only challenges the players’ capacity to adapt and survive, but brings
to question their values and commitment to the inhabitants of Rapture.
With smart and adaptive AI, no encounter ever plays out the same, while
numerous customization options provide gamers with an experience that
adapts to their playing style.

There was a lot of blather and such about how it was the best game ever and critics unanimously said so, though I'm not sure about that part. It's all unnecessary because we all know that it was the best thing since Pong according to much of the money-driven games press behemoths.

BioShock for the
PLAYSTATION 3 system will be available in October 2008 and is not yet
rated by the ESRB. For more information on BioShock, visit

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