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I recently read about Nintendo shifting market focus to Europe in regards to the Wii Fit due to the weak dollar. I wonder if this too is an attempt to maximize profit potential by Sony or if they're finally coming round and realizing Europe is a big games market.

 FFSony Computer Entertainment Europe announced the release of
the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, PSP bundle, available on 20th
June 2008, priced at 189.99 Euros. The chain of events which set the
epic adventure of Final Fantasy  into motion is revealed this summer
with the release of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, a prequel to Final Fantasy VII,, the biggest selling Final Fantasy of all time. The
eagerly-anticipated game will be available for the European market, in
a special PSP bundle coinciding with the game’s
release and will include a limited edition, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, engraved silver PSP and a copy of the game.

As one of the
greatest franchises in gaming history, the arrival of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII on PSP makes this the perfect time for all RPG fans
and adventure gamers to pick up the handheld system. A must-have title,
the only way to complete this chapter in Final Fantasy history is on
PSP and this bundle offers the opportunity for gamers to take another
step into one of the best loved game worlds in history. Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, also makes the most of the power of PSP, with
stunning graphics and CG cut-scenes, state-of-the-art voice acting and
widescreen presentation.FF2

Developed by Square Enix Co., Ltd., Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, ups the action from previous Final Fantasy titles with an all-new dynamic battle system with real-time
action, while retaining the immersive storytelling expected from a game
with such heritage.

Now it is your chance to discover the events
leading up to the destruction of the metropolis of Midgar and the
downfall of the ruthless Shinra Corporation. Following the story of
young Shinra solider Zack Fair, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, revisits a classic world populated by celebrated characters including
the heroic Cloud Strife, tragic Aerith Gainsborough and the villainous

Return to this unforgettable tale once more with the special PSP and Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII bundle, on 20th June 2008.

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