Generation: Gamerz Talking Shovels and Monster Labyrinths

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Yes, a game featuring a talking shovel. I truly believe we may be coming to the end of our beloved pastime...or we're just at the beginning. Grab the handle of your talking shovel and get digging in Atlus' upcoming dungeon creation game Master of the Monster Lair.




 monsterlair6-19_1Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today announced the dungeon-designing,
monster-hunting RPG adventure Master of the Monster Lair for Nintendo
DS. Dream it, design it, dig it… then explore it! In order to trap the
freeloading monsters of South Arc, you must become the architect of a
vast labyrinth, crafting intricate levels designed to lure and capture
all manner of beasts. Level after level, every monster disposed of
offers the promise of new weapons and items, allowing for more unique
dungeon designs and more efficient means of ridding South Arc of the
nasty baddies.

About Master of the Monster Lair

quiet town of South Arc is about to have some monster trouble. Foul
creatures with serious attitude problems have infested nearby forests
and are now slowly moving into the village. The townsfolk, fearful for
their safety, do not even dare to leave their homes. Calls for help
have gone unanswered, likely because every other town in the Kingdom is
similarly troubled.monsterlair6-19_4

As a young lad off in search of your
calling, you stumble across a talking shovel. The verbose tool forcibly
binds you to the task of digging a dungeon on the outskirts of South
Arc, hoping to bait and trap the scrounging monsters.

Looks like you found your calling, Master of the Monster Lair. Now start digging!

Key Features

  • It all begins with a talking shovel
    – The discovery of a talking shovel begins an eccentric adventure where
    you become the master of the monster lair! As the shovel’s new owner,
    you’re given the incredible job of digging a dungeon and hunting the
    monsters that come to live in it.
  • Be the architect of your lair
    – Transform a small hole in the ground into a huge dungeon for hunting
    monsters! Fill it with over 20 different types of rooms, including
    Chapels, Cellars, Stables, Trash Dumps, and more to attract different
    types of monsters and help you obtain different items.
  • Share your lair!
    Challenge your friends to reach the end of your custom monster lair and
    see what monsters and items are waiting in theirs. Trade designs over
    local wireless and prove that you’re the best dungeon digger around!

Master of the Monster Lair
has been rated “E10+” (Everyone 10 and older) with Language and Mild Fantasy Violence by the ESRB. Set to be available on September 2nd.

monsterlair6-19_2 monsterlair6-19_3
 monsterlair6-19_6  monsterlair6-19_5

 Anyone remember some of the other dungeon building games like Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2? Damn those were good games. I hope they can capture some of that type of fun in this new title.


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