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GameInformer published a hands-on for Rock Band 2 this morning, which includes a slew of new details, including the first announced tracks.  Here is a summary of all the key points.


  • Softer, quieter pads (Guess I won't need to make new pads!)
  • Much springier
  • Velocity sensitive (louder as you hit them harder)
  • Expandable - support for additional pads (unsure if this will be available in Rock Band 2)
  • More intensive drum school
    • Advice on how to create better drum fills
    • Freestyle mode
  • Wireless



  • More rigid strum bar
  • Quieter buttons
  • Built-in microphones & photo sensors for autocalibration to your TV


Other Instruments

  • Open-source model for peripherals which will lead to high-end, third-party instruments


Characters & Venues

  • All clothing, hair, and accessories from RB1 is included in RB2
  • Slew of new options


World Tour

  • Band members can now switch instruments
  • You can now play the World Tour online with friends
  • Bands can battle online through weekly Battle of the Bands competitions
  • DLC more integrated into World Tour playlists



  • All Rock Band DLC, including all old and all forthcoming, will compatible with both RB1 and RB2
  • Rock Band 2 song-select screen is similar to the RB store
  • Sorting options - players can skip ahead to specific letters
  • 80 master recordings


Lastly, below are the 10 tracks that were announced.


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