Generation: Gamerz Playstation Home Beta Finally Starting Up

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The news today, that even Yahoo had, is definitely overdue.  Finally, yes finally, Playstation Home is taking applicants for closed beta.

So there is the good news.  Now are you ready for the bad news?  The closed beta is currently limited to Japanese PS3 owners only.  If we pretend you are in Japan, how would you go about signing up for the closed beta?

 1. Sign in to the Playstation Network and choose the Playstation Store.


2. Choose the Recommended icon or the Playstation Home banner.

homebetasignup (1)

3. Choose the Playstation Home banner or the postcard application icon.

homebetasignup (2)

4. Choose download.

homebetasignup (3)

5. Run the download.

homebetasignup (4)

 Congratulations, if you were in Japan, you would have just successfully applied for the Playstation Home Beta.  The applicants names will be drawn and the results will be announced in late August.  If you are selected, you will receive PSN mail telling you so.

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